Baptism of Infants

Making arrangements to have your child Baptised


Step 1

Telephone Father Peter on 01889 802531 to arrange the date for the baptism.

The time is usually 12.30pm on Sunday.

Step 2

Complete the Application Form that will be sent to you and return it to Father Peter.

Step 3

Read together the booklet sent to you as a guide to your understanding of Baptism and the Baptism Celebration.

Step 4

Attend Mass regularly on a Sunday as a sign of preparation and commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Catholic parent?

It is expected that at least one parent or guardian will be a Catholic.

How many Godparents do we need?

The usual number is between 2 and 4.

Do Godparents have to be Catholic?

It is necessary for at least one Godparent to be a Catholic.

It is essential that all Godparents have been Baptised (Christened).

How long will the celebration take?

The Rite of Baptism usually takes 30 minutes.

Do we have to pay anything?

There is no charge for the Sacrament of Baptism but it is usual to give an offering in thanksgiving.

Can we take photographs in church?


Are there facilities for a Baptism Party?

Please contact the Parish Office to book the Community Centre